Officials’ Resources

Indoor Season

The Officials App is available for you to sign-up your availability for the various events this Indoor Season.

This Word version lists all the 2024 indoor meets in Alberta. If you prefer to use this method to indicate your availability,  you will need to save your completed form and  return it by email to one of the two addresses contained in the document.

AB Indoor Meets

Officials APP

We are using the online Officials Management system for signup for meet availability. If you HAVE already signed in, please sign up for your availability for the meets on the schedule. If you HAVE NOT yet signed into the system and do not have your credentials, please send an email to with your name. Only registered officials who are on the grading list (level 1-5) or NEW officials who are registered AND have completed the 101 and 201 online training AND have worked at for least one meet will be added to the system. New officials who have not completed their training or have not yet worked at a meet will be contacted by the city coordinator for their area.