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When you become a coach or are a coach-in-training, you will be assigned a National Coaching Certification Program number with the Coaching Association of Canada. This number is linked to a coaching portal called The Locker. Your Locker number will have the history of the coaching courses you’ve taken.

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NCCP Multi-Sport Modules

In addition to the ongoing NCCP Athletics workshops, there are some other important NCCP multi-sport modules. Safe Sport Training and Make Ethical Decision (MED) are required for all Athletics Alberta Coach members and the other modules are specific to the various coaching pathways. The online modules are available at Alberta Sport and the eLearning modules available in The Locker.

Required for ALL Coach Members of Athletics Alberta

Safe Sport Training – an eLearning course available in The Locker (under Multi-Sports)

Required for RJTW, Sport Coach, Club Coach and Performance Coach

Make Ethical Decisions – online (and take the MED exam)

Required for Sport Coach & Club Coach

Long-Term Athlete Development – an eLearning course available in The Locker (under Athletics)

Highly Recommended for Club Coach

Manage a Sports Program – online

Required for Performance Coach

Manage a Sports Program – online

Managing Conflict – online (and take the MC exam)

Psychology of Performance – online

Coaching & Leading Effectively – online

Leading a Drug-free Sport – an eLearning course available in The Locker (under Multi-Sports)

NOTE: The online exams for Make Ethical Decisions (MED) and Managing Conflict (MC) are located in The Locker. Just click on the eLearning tab at the top of the page and then choose Multi-Sports in the dropdown menu. The exams will appear in the panel on the left-hand side of the page.