Track and Field

Athletics is a sport with many events that take place either on a track or a field.

Field events include:

  • Jumps (high jump, long jump, triple jump,
  • Throws (weight throws, discus, javelin, shot put and hammer)
  • Pole vault

Track events include:

  • Sprints (60m, 100m, 200m,  etc)
  • Distance (800m, 1500m, etc)
  • Short Hurdles, Long Hurdles
  • Steeplechase
  • Racewalking

There are also combined events:

  • Pentathlon, heptathlon and decathlon
  • Throws pentathlon

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The Athletics Alberta Records are subjected to review and consideration by the Athletics alberta Provincial Office Staff and are ratified by the Athletics alberta Board of Directors. All Records are compiled & maintained by Technical Manager.

Corrections and updates to current and previous years are gratefully appreciated. Only members in good standing with Athletics Alberta are eligible to be listed on Alberta records and rankings.

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Rankings Information

The Athletics Alberta Provincial Track & Field Rankings are integrated within the Athletics Canada’s National Rankings Database.

The new online rankings are intended for athletes and their coaches in assisting them keeping track of the results in the entire competitive season. Only those athletes that are current members of Athletics Alberta will be included in the rankings. Rankings are to be submitted to Athletics Canada for review. Please submit to [email protected]

Only performances from REGISTERED members of the current year will be accepted for Provincial & National rankings &/or Provincial & National records. Furthermore, any performance that achieves or satisfies a National Team selection criteria or funding standard, while not a member, will not be accepted.

There will be no retroactive acceptance of performances; athletes must hold a current valid full year competitive membership at the time of achieving the results they are submitting for rankings.

Athletics Canada and its branch members would like to encourage all athletes, but mostly those living outside the country or participating in NCAA programs, to have their membership updated by January 1, of the competition year.

If you are unsure about your membership status with Athletics Alberta please email: [email protected] or (780) 427-8792.