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Officials are the unsung heroes of our sport – any sport, really. To become an Official, the first step is to register and take courses. (See the blue bar above!) Regularly, our Athletics Alberta Officials Committee reviews who has registered in our province and which course(s) they have taken. Once you have registered and/or taken the introductory course(s), they will be in touch with you directly and go from there.


2024 Clinics

  1. Vertical Jumps level 3 clinic facilitated by Mary Wittenberg on Wednesday January 24, 2024 at King’s University 9125 50 St NW, Edmonton from 7 to 9 pm.
  2. Horizontal Jumps level 3 clinic facilitated by Eric Wittenberg on Wednesday January 31, 2024 at King’s University 9125 50 St NW, Edmonton from 7 to 9 pm.
  3.  Umpire level 3 clinic facilitated by Jack Leman on Wednesday, February 7 at King’s University 9125 50 St NW Edmonton, from 7 to 9 pm. In person attendance only!
  4. Other clinics are being organized as well, so watch this space for further information.

A Zoom meeting can be set up to access this training at the same time, but you will require camera and microphone access to participate in the clinic. This will only be granted to officials outside the city of Edmonton or under special circumstances.

The level 3 clinic is required to be completed for you to be upgraded.

Please confirm your attendance any of the clinic with Irene Gaudet [email protected] . Space may be on a limited basis, so those officials who are currently working on their level 3 for a specific discipline will be given priority.


Safe Sport

Officials need to take Safe Sport training. It is FREE and is available here:Safe Sport Training. It is available in the Locker so if you don’t already have an account there, you will need to make one. When you log in, under elearning, near the bottom you will find the Safe Sport module. Select the sport Athletics and check off Official.

As sports in general become aware of Safe Sport principles, it’s important to reiterate over and over how important it is to understand what it means to have a safe sport.

The Coaching Association of Canada has a comprehensive list of those required to take Safe Sport training. From its website FAQ section is the list and we note it below.

As of April 1, 2020, anyone in any of the following roles within a Sport Canada-funded organization must be trained on conduct to prevent and address maltreatment:


  • Senior staff
  • High-performance directors
  • Case managers
  • Adjudicators
  • Investigators
  • Operational Board members

Those with direct athlete contact

  • National team athletes
  • Parents of junior athletes
  • Coaches
  • High-performance staff
  • National training centre staff
  • Nationally appointed coach Developers
  • Integrated support team personnel (mental, strength and conditioning, nutrition, physio, massage, etc.)
  • Contractors
  • Officials

Those with no direct athlete contact

  • Organizing committee members
  • Administration/finance staff
  • Governance committee members
  • Judicial board members
  • Governance board members (no operational involvement)
  • Event volunteers
  • NSO office staff

The training is the first part in Safe Sport. Putting the training into practice is what’s paramount to our Athletes and our sport.

Upgrading Documentation

If you have any questions about the upgrading process, please contact .

For officials upgrading to level 1 you need 6 credits, with one credit in each event group (Horizontal jumps, Throws, Track, Vertical jumps)

For officials upgrading to level 2, you need 12 credits with 2 credits in each event group AND a mentor report And a in person clinic or the online clinic. You can submit for levels 1 and 2 if you have at least 18 credits and have completed one year of service.

For level 3 and above, you need to submit your card and all relevant evaluation reports and exams.

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