Athletics Alberta Insurance

Athletics Alberta provides its members with $5,000,000 comprehensive sports liability insurance coverage, along with a sports injury package for athletes, coaches, officials and other registered participants through BFL Canada Risk & Insurance Inc.

Why insurance?

Because of your operations, or actions, you are open or possible suit from Third Parties.  You may not be liable but you will need to be defended in court.  A Liability policy pays for this defence as well as any costs found against you.  Legal fees can be very expensive and this can be an affordable way to have them covered.  This policy covers your legal liability for bodily injury to or damage to property of others such as spectators, passers-by, property owners and others resulting from your activities.In addition your legal liability for injury to participants is covered.

Insurance FAQ

Canadian Athlete Insurance Program (CAIP)

Athletics Alberta Members in good standing that possess Provincial Medicare and who obtain treatment in Canada.


Inside Canada coverage is: Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  Click Here to see a more detailed summary.


  • CAIP Brochure – This brochure provides an overview of CAIP, eligibility, highlights, cost, details, etc.
  • CAIP Summary – This is a summary only of the schedule of benefits for both the “In Canada” and “Out Of Canada” insurance.
  • CAIP Summary for 500 plus level – This is a summary only of the schedule of benefits for the “500 plus level” of insurance.
  • CAIP Out of Canada Travel Medical Insurance Summary – This document is an explanation of the “Out Of Canada” insurance and the 3 options that are available to purchase this very important insurance protection.

Group Annual Plan ( GAP )

In Canada Insurance – Annual Premiums

  • Bronze level: $125 per person per 12 months
  • Silver level: $270 per person per 12 months
  • Gold level: $440 per person per 12 months
  • 500 plus level:  $35 per person per 12 months. CAIP Summary for 500 plus level.

Out Of Canada Insurance

  • Per Trip: $35 per week ( 7 days inclusive or part thereof )
  • Individual Annual Plans ( IAP ): 
    • $210 per year or part thereof subject to a maximum of 30 consecutive days of travel.
    • $350 per year or part thereof
      subject to a maximum of 60
      consecutive days of travel.

CAIP has become well recognized in providing the most comprehensive insurance protection for sport accident and “OVERUSE” injuries to Canada’s athletes at all levels while “In Canada” and “Outside Canada”.  We have never wavered from our original commitment to provide the same level of insurance coverage, at the same rates, to all Canadian athletes, regardless of their sporting activity.

  • INSIDE CANADA INSURANCE (mandatory for all members in CAIP) – Provides insurance coverage for expenses incurred for various medical and therapy treatments as a result of a sport related injury caused by an accident while participating in a practice session, game or travelling directly to or from such practice session or game.
  • Inside Canada insurance includes “OVERUSE coverage, which has been unique to CAIP since the beginning and remains the most popular and sought after benefit amongst Canada’s athletes.  OVERUSE covers the athletes for chronic type injuries such as tendonitis that happen over a period of time as a result of repetitive activity.
  • The CAIP member can choose from a choice of three levels – Bronze, Silver or Gold.
  • OUTSIDE CANADA INSURANCE (optional for members in CAIP) – No one should ever leave Canada without travel medical insurance. Out of Canada insurance is 24 hours a day insurance protection for emergency medical and hospital care, emergency dental treatment, evacuation, repatriation and family transportation & accomodation benefits as the result of an injury or sickness. Of course, CAIP out of Canada insurance covers the athletes while they are participating in their respective sport. CAIP Out of Canada Travel Medical Insurance Summary
  • Outside Canada coverage also includes The Travel Assistance Program, which provides international emergency assistance to CAIP members when traveling outside Canada
  • This important insurance coverage can be purchased on a weekly per trip, individual annual plan (30 or 60 days), or a group annual plan issued to the sport body for their members. Please contact us to discuss which option is best for your members and/or organization.Insurance coverage is automatic.
  • There are no application forms and there are no exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions.
  • CAIP rcognize the fact that sport injuries can hinder the athlete’s performance and in some cases cut short the athletes sport career.  By providing the CAIP enhanced insurance protection for both sport accidents and Overuse injuries, CAIP can help relieve some of the financial burden from the athlete so they can seek the needed medical care and therapy.  With this assistance, we hope that the athlete can continue their sport healthy and more competitive.
Accidents / Overuse

A sport accident can be any unexpected and unintentional event that can occur by chance while competing in or practicing for a sport. A sport accident can result in various injuries, most common of which are strains, sprains, broken bones, fractures and accidental dental claims.

“Overuse” is a chronic injury that can happen over a period of time as a result of repetitive activity. The most common of which are tendonitis and stress fractures. Over the years, “overuse” insurance claims have been the most prominent in CAIP, representing at least 70% of all paid claims in a given year in the In Canada insurance.

OVERUSE coverage applies to:

  •  Physiotherapy
  • Athletic therapy (CATA)
  • Massage therapy
  • Chiropractor
  • Orthotics

All other benefits in the CAIP Insurance Program is as a result of a sport accident.


All enrolments in CAIP must be submitted through a sport governing body such as a Athletics Alberta, or a National Sport Organisation, Canadian Sport Centre, established Sport Teams, Leagues or Clubs. Anyone of these sport bodies can contact CAIP directly to arrange CAIP insurance for their members.

  • A person enrolled for In Canada coverage is covered for 12 months from the date of enrolment.
  • Everyone has to be enrolled in the CAIP “In Canada” insurance in either the Bronze, Silver or Gold level, in order to have the “Out of Canada” insurance.

All that is needed is the you submitting Atheltics Alberta the following:

  • Name of the sport body, address, phone, e-mail, name of contact person, etc – Brad Babiak
  • Full name of the person to be enrolled. Preferably, as appears in the person’s passport.
  • “Please – no nicknames”.
  • Province of provincial medical insurance.
  • Level of insurance coverage – Bronze, Silver or Gold.
  • Effective date of coverage.
  • For Out of Canada insurance there are 3 options:
    • Per trip – we need the dates of travel
    • Individual annual plan (30 or 60 days)
    • Group annual plan issued to sport body for its members

This information can be sent to us by either e-mail, fax or mail.

Filing a Claim

Claims Guideline

1) Insured Statement Section

  • Please answer all questions
  • The policy number is 1PA25.  This is the same policy number for all CAIP members.
  • Use the “Proof of Loss Accidental Medical Sports Insurance” form for both accident and overuse claims.
  • Questions 8, 10 and 13, you can replace the word “Accident” with “Overuse” when applicable.
  • Should a question not have an answer, please indicate “not applicable”

2) Club Section

  • This section is to be completed and signed by a person who is authorized by the sport organization in which the CAIP member is enrolled.  For instance, a staff member, coach, manager, trainer etc. of the respective sport organization in which the CAIP member is enrolled.

3) Attending Physician Statement Section

  • This section can be completed, signed and dated by a Registered Physiotherapist or Certified Athletic Therapist ( Member of the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA) for treatment for Physiotherapy, Athletic Therapy and / or Massage Therapy only.
  • All other insured treatments require a Physician to complete and sign this section.

4) Other helpful points

  • To help CAIP serve you better, please do not wait to submit claims to SSQ Insurance Company.  We would prefer if you can to submit the completed claim form together with the receipts within 90 days from the date of accident / overuse injury or the date you received the first treatment for your injury.
  • If there are additional receipts relating to the same claim, the claim form does not have to be completed again.  You can simply send the subsequent receipts to SSQ Insurance Company with a covering letter noting all your contact information.  This will allow the insurance company to easily locate your file and process your claim in a timely manner.  You can use the attached (Additional Receipt Letter) form if you wish.
  • At some point, the claims adjuster may ask for an updated claim form.  The CAIP claims adjuster will advise.
  • Please try to keep copies of the claim form and receipts before submitting to SSQ Insurance Company.
  • Please note that the “Consent to collect, use and disclose personal information form” may be required by the claims adjuster to obtain personal information for a particular claim.  The claims adjuster will advise if this form is needed.

5) Claims can be submitted as follows (two options available):

You can scan the completed claim form together with receipts and send by e-mail to one of the following addresses:

English             [email protected]
Français           [email protected]

To help CAIP process your claim quickly and efficiently, please ensure that the scan of the claim form and receipts are clear and easily readable.

  • You can send the completed claim form together with the receipts by mail to:

SSQ Insurance Company, 1200 Papineau Avenue, 4th Floor, Montreal, Quebec,H2K 4R5

6) Claim Payments (two options available):

You can receive your claim payment by direct deposit.  In order to take advantage of this option, the insurance company will need the following:

  • Copy of your cheque marked “VOID”
  • Please send the above with your next claim form and receipts to SSQ Insurance Company by mail.  This process only has to be done once per member.

You can receive your claim payment by cheque.  Please make sure that the insurance company has your updated mailing address.

7) Third Party Option

Claims can be submitted to SSQ Insurance Company by a third party such as the Sport Organization or the Service Provider (Therapy Clinic). The CAIP member (claimant) would have to furnish a (letter of authorization) to SSQ Insurance Company allowing them to send the claim payment to a third party.