Event Director Membership

Event Director Membership is defined as a Membership that:

  • Allows Event Directors, event participants, and additional insureds to be insured for pre-approved, sanctioned events. Events must be approved by Athletics Alberta to be eligible and sanctioned in the context of the Events Director Membership. 
  • Allows Event Directors to use this membership for all of their sanctioned races or track meets on an annual basis.
  • The Event Director is intended to be the ‘boots on the ground’ person present at the event.

Annual Membership Fees: 

  • Track and Field** / XC Race Director – $300.00
  • Road, Trail, and Mountain Race Director Tier 1 (below 1000 entries*) – $450.00
  • Road, Trail, and Mountain Race Director Tier 2 (1000-5000 entries*) – $650.00
  • Road, Trail, and Mountain Race Director Tier 3 (above 5000 entries*) – Contact info@athleticsalberta.com

*Anticipated total number of entries annually, regardless of the number of events held.

**Track and Field Events will be charged an Officials fee per the Officials Policy. See the Governance section for specific details.

Pre-Event & Post-Event Submission Requirements emailed to info@athleticsalberta.com:

For Track and Field Events only:


  1. Trackie.reg is the ONLY registration platform Track & Field and XC event directors may use. 
  2. As an Athletics Alberta membership, the guidelines and policies that all members must adhere to are applicable to this membership. See the Governance section for details.
  3. If two memberships are required (ie. T&F and Road Race Director) the member will be responsible for signing up on Trackie for both memberships. The membership fee paid will be the higher fee.
  4. Event Directors, regardless of membership category (as above), may apply for Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance for an additional charge as long as they are an established nonprofit entity. Since Athletics Alberta Clubs will already have D&O this may not be required in every Event Director situation. If clarification is required, please contact info@athleticsalberta.com.