Gratitude. Respect. Integrity. Teamwork.

These are the values we hold dear in our sport. Do you?

What are you grateful for today? Who are you grateful for?

Who do you respect and do they positively influence your life? Do you have self-respect? Do you respect your body and its needs?

How do you show integrity in your life? Do you speak well of others or not at all? Are you honest? Are you kind?

How do you show up for your teammates, friends, family, classmates, and beyond? Do you get along well? Do you set a positive example?

GRIT is a work in progress and evolves as we do. Have you got GRIT? Here are some examples:

Thankful for friends, classmates, teammates. Polite, kind, use good manners. Honest and kind. Focus on positive attributes of others.
Thankful for coach. Pick up equipment after training, tidy up after self. Speak well of others or not at all. Cheer on and help teammates.
Expressed gratitude to parents, coach. Hold open doors for others, pick up garbage, do chores around house. Participate in positive ways. Ready to help.
Thankful for strong body. Thankful for own positive mental health. Positive self-talk. Family and friends as allies.