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Kepler Fitzner – GRIT Athlete of the Week – January 29, 2024

Kepler was nominated by his teammate, Joshua Gillard. Joshua says: “Kepler is both an absolutely phenomenal friend, and competitor. I have never met a person who shows so much joy, integrity, and dedication to his own athleticism, and in his ability to selflessly support his teammates. I strongly believe Kepler is deserving of this nomination.

Kepler shows GRIT by having a constant warm, and welcoming way of speech with everybody equally. Whether it be his coaches, teammates, or competitors, Kepler can always be seen with his smile wide and his friendliness present.

Kepler with me personally has let me use his water bottle 100% of the time I am in need of one without a hesitation. Though it’s a small act for one person, the amount of water and drinks Kepler has lent to me is astounding and wildly selfless of him.

During practices, Kepler can always be found with all of his teammates telling jokes and stories. His kindness and good personality always seemingly manages to find ways to make connections with all of the people he encounters on, and off the track.

When it’s relay time at the end of the track meet, Kepler is always one of the first person huddled up to do a club cheer, and to cheer on his teammates as they run their race. The amount of enthusiasm he has is infectious as everyone finds themselves cheering alongside him.”

Congratulations, Kepler!