Alberta Officials Committee

Gender Leadership Conference

World Athletics is organising an online Gender Leadership Conference on the representation of women in officiating roles where ITOs and TOs

will talk about their journey and experiences, followed by discussion from a panel of experts. We want to get people thinking about the role of

gender in Technical Officiating and the barriers that women have faced, but more importantly the opportunities that we have before us….

You will be able to choose from 2 sessions:

10-12.00 Paris Time (French translation provided)

16-18.00 Paris Time (Spanish translation provided)

Please register your interest here: HERE

Officials Committee ~ 2020-2021

Chair – Irene Gaudet

Past Chair – Louise Buskas

Edmonton Coordinator – Philippa Fairbairn

Calgary Coordinator – Mihaela Cozma

Medicine Hat Coordinator – Brenda Bower

National Upgrading Coordinator – Ian Gordon

Level 3 Upgrading Coordinator –Eric Wittenberg

Level 1 and 2 Upgrading Coordinator – Janet Dixon

Communication/PR – Jack Leman