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Marco Arop: G.R.I.T in Action

World champion, Marco Arop, is an incredible athlete and extraordinary member of our sport’s community.

Having moved from Sudan to Edmonton as a young child, Marco was scouted while playing basketball in high school. Coach Ron Thompson knew talent then, and now. Many hours of hard work, determination, support, and self-belief led Marco to World Champion status recently. An incredible feat of athleticism, World Champion status is absolutely remarkable and we’re so thrilled for Marco!

The Marco Arop we know is more than his athletic talent, though. What makes Marco extraordinary? Marco exemplifies GRIT.

Without exception, when Marco achieves greatness on the track, making the podium or otherwise, he expresses his gratitude to his coaches, his supporters, and his family. He demonstrates positive sportsmanship and respect for his competitors; hugs, high-fives, congratulatory comments after races.

Marco seems to have an understanding of his stature and responsibility to his community. He demonstrates integrity by his kindness (handing out medals at Provincials, stopping by the office when he’s in town, taking time for photos with younger athletes) and commitment to our community.

Marco was recently named Co-Captain for Team Canada, a great indicator of leadership and teamwork. We know Marco’s commitment to teamwork in other ways; his support of his friends and co-athletes in Edmonton.

Marco Arop is a wonderful example of GRIT. We are proud to call him our World Champion!

GRIT = Gratitude. Respect. Integrity. Teamwork.