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Declan Munro – GRIT Athlete of the Week – May 13, 2024

Nominated by Coach Roxanne, she tells us: “Declan has been an integral part of the Grizzly Development Team this year. His teammates and coaches would like to honor his hard work, smart training, knowledge, and positive attitude. He demonstrates many abilities while putting healthy habits above all, and this results in his ability to stay positive, and focused on working toward improving his capabilities. He is a wonderful role model for the younger athletes and his peers. We all (including the coaches!) have learned a lot from working with Declan!

Some of the things the entire team acknowledged: “He really dedicates himself not just on the track but with eating healthy, going to bed early, rolling and recovery, and every other aspect of track. He leads by example.” Another athlete says “He is always finding new ways to improve. He also trains very smart and never pushed himself past where he is at and takes his injuries very seriously. He listened to the coaches well regarding injury comeback protocols.” And “he is a huge team player, always encouraging and cheering on EVERYBODY, using his knowledge by assisting teammates in the weight room.” One of our favourite stories: “After practice one day, we were walking out of the facility and I didn’t realize it but apparently a construction worker was struggling to lift a bucket. Declan immediately asked him if he needed help and lifted the bucket for him the rest of the way to where the worker needed to go.” Declan comes from an isolated area and did not have the opportunity to train with a track club during his development years. He often expressed his gratitude for having the opportunity to be part of the Grizzly Development Team. Declan has been described as an “amazing person” by his teammates and we are all very grateful to spend time with him on and off the track!”

Well done, Declan! Congratulations!