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September 16 & 20, 2021- Alberta, Covid19

Alberta has declared a state of public health emergency and will implement the following new health measures effective September 16 at 12:01 a.m.

Below are excerpts of the restrictions that relate to sport. Please be aware of the restrictions based on age and indoor/outdoor. 

What do the restrictions mean for us? 

1. Cross country races should not be impacted UNLESS there are outdoor restrictions set from this point out. 

2. If facilities are unable to implement Restrictions Exemption Program requiring proof of vaccination or negative rapid test result to continue operating as usual by the time we start practicing indoors, then we will need the following:
– For U18, indoor practices, you are welcome to use the Covid questionnaire to screen for symptoms. No need to submit to us.
– For U18 indoor practices, please review the Back on Track checklist with your athletes. 

Excerpts from

Youth (under 18) sport, fitness, recreation and performance activities (Sept 16)
Indoor group classes, training, and competitions are permitted, but participants are required to:
screen for symptoms;
maintain 2 metres distancing, except youth while engaged in physical activity;
wear a mask, except youth while engaged in physical activity.

Spectator attendance is restricted to 1/3 fire code capacity, attendees are limited to a single household or 2 close contact if living alone and must be masked and maintain 2 metres physical distancing.

Outdoor activities can continue with no restrictions.

Mandatory restriction – Effective Sept. 16 and 20
Adult (over 18) sport, fitness, recreation and performance activities (Sept 20)

The following restrictions apply unless the facility or program implements the restrictions exemption program:
Indoor group classes and activities are not permitted.
Indoor competitions are paused except where vaccine exemptions have been granted.
Indoor one-on-one training and solo activities are allowed with 3 metre physical distancing.

Outdoor activities can continue with no restrictions.

We will update you all as we’re informed of any changes. Questions may be sent to [email protected].