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Para Athletics Weekend May 2018 (FREE for MEMBERS)


The Para-Athletics Clinic in Calgary will introduce the concepts of creating an inclusive training environment for Para Athletes.

The clinic is aimed at any current coaches but is also inviting new coaches or anybody who is interested in creating a more accessible sport organization for their region and the province of Alberta.

Ueli Albert who has over 10 years of experience on a regional, provincial, national and international level will share best practices and present on topics such as para equipment, inclusion of para athletes into the able body system and technical and physiological considerations for training para athletes.

The clinic will consist of in class session and practical on track and field sessions. Participants will also have the chance to observe athletes in a competition and special considerations for integration para athletes into an able body competition are discussed.

Participants will gain valuable insights and knowledge into the world of Para Athletics and will gain the tools to successfully integrate athletes with a disability into their training environment.

If you have any questions about the weekend please refer them to Ryan van Keulen, WSA Technical Director at: