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Updated Dec 11 – What we know for our sport re AHS restrictions update Dec 8, 2020

Dec 11, 2020 Update
As promised, we have some further clarity from AHS for our sport regarding Dec 8’s restrictions. In summary, outdoor group physical activity, including team sports, must be limited to 10 people or fewer, distanced at 2 metres if from different households. 

This below from AHS:

As the community transmission and positivity rates of COVID-19 increase in Alberta, the Government of Alberta has implemented new mandatory provincial restrictions. These restrictions will have a direct impact on our SPAR (Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Organizations) stakeholders.
As per the measures announced on Tuesday December 8, please find below a summary of the mandatory restrictions that will be in place for sport, physical activity and recreation organizations, programs and facilities. These restrictions are effective as of midnight, December 13 and will be in place for a minimum of 4 weeks. 
Entertainment and Recreation Facilities must close, including:

  • Casinos, bingo halls, gaming centres
  • Racing centres, horse tracks, raceways
  • Bowling alleys, pool halls
  • Legions and private clubs (nightclubs must remain closed)
  • Art galleries, libraries and museums
  • Science and interpretive centres
  • Amusement and water parks
  • Children’s play centres and indoor playgrounds
  • Theatres, auditoria and concert halls
  • Banquet halls, conference centres and trade shows
  • All indoor recreation facilities must close, including:
    • Gyms and studios
    • Fitness and recreation centres
    • Spas, pools, indoor rinks and arenas
    • Day and overnight camps
    • Community halls and centres

 Indoor fitness, recreation and physical activity facilities

  • ALL indoor group physical activities, including team sports, fitness classes and training sessions, are prohibited or restricted across Alberta.
  • All indoor fitness, recreation and physical activity facilities are closed.
  • One-to-one indoor training, such as training with a fitness trainer or coach, is not permitted.
  • Indoor group physical activities are prohibited unless
    • the group only involves members of the same household.
    • the activity involves students at a school or post-secondary institution as part of an education progra

Outdoor Sport and Recreation Activities

  • Outdoor group physical activity, including team sports, must be limited to 10 people or fewer.
    • Members of different households must maintain 2 metre distancing at all times.
  • Outdoor recreation is permitted, but facilities with indoor spaces except for washrooms will be closed.
  • If recreating outdoors, we encourage Albertans to dress warmly and be prepared for the weather.
As you know, AHS released province-wide restrictions, Dec 8, 2020. When AHS makes a restrictions announcement, they typically then contact sectors separately over the few days after the announcement. That can lead to edits or clarifications to sector-specific restrictions. So, yes, the AHS announcements are sort of two-stepped for sport and other sectors. We have just been notified by AHS that they are working through a final restriction for outdoor groups of 10 and will have final word for us by end of this week. For now, we can gather as we have been – distanced, in social gatherings of no more than 10 persons, until Sunday. As of Sunday, we need to adhere to the new restrictions. As said above, we will have another update Friday.
Thank you for your calls and texts. We are on it, with you in this, and will be in touch when we have more information.