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Partnership with Racing to Zero YYC

We are pleased to be partnering with Racing to Zero YYC for our Calgary events. Racing to Zero YYC is the work of two-time Olympian and former Athletics Alberta sprinter, Seyi Smith, Oliver Scholfield and Martha McCabe. They are working to make grassroots sporting events ‘green.’ 

Some tips from Seyi on transportation:
“Transportation and competitive athletics go hand in hand, but transportation has a large impact on sustainability. How can we reconcile environmentalism with being a member of the sport community? 

– Minimize the frequency of trips to training/competition. Plan your transportation before hand!
– Minimize the total distance travelled
– Maximize active transport (especially on training days!)
– Consider the other aspects of the overall sustainability pie you can make a large impact on (waste, energy consumption in your home, diet etc). 

Take a look at the Racing to Zero YYC website and learn how you can be more sustainable at your local meets.