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Most Influential Women List 2016

CAAWS celebrates women who make an impact.

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Each year, we shine a spotlight on exceptional women in sport and physical activity annually with the Most Influential Women List. The List is made up of leaders, game-changers and builders, recognizing them for their achievements and their contributions to a stronger sport and physical activity system for all Canadians.

Help us identify the women who most deserve this recognition for 2016.

Read on for more information on the program and how to nominate. Deadline for submitting nominations: December 16, 2016 at 5:00 PM EST.

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Program details

CAAWS will recognize 20 individuals on the Most Influential List for 2016. New this year, nominators can nominate an influential woman in one of five categories: as a(n) ‘athlete’, ‘coach’, ‘builder’, ‘media’, or ‘one to watch’. The List will feature four women in each category.

In addition to the list of 20 women recognized for their contributions and influence, we will award five of those women with a Most Influential Women Award, highlighting them for their particular achievements and influence. There will be one Award for each of the five categories.

The List will be published early in 2017.

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Nomination Criteria

We encourage you to review the nomination criteria carefully and provide as much detail as possible on the woman you are nominating.

To be eligible for consideration, nominees must:

  • Be female
  • Be a Canadian citizen, with their influence felt in Canada (even if they work internationally)
  • Be actively involved in the area of sport and physical activity in some capacity
    Be making a noteworthy impact, such as by:

Demonstrating significant, recognized leadership in their respective area of emphasis
Generating high performance within their roles/organizations
Breaking down barriers for women in their field
Supporting other women to participate and lead
Fall into one of the five (5) categories:
1.  Athlete
2.  Coach
3.  Builder (Acting in any capacity to develop sport and physical activity in Canada. E.g.  Administrators, community leaders, academics, consultants, board members, practitioners, etc.)
4.  Media
4.  Ones to Watch (Women under 30 who otherwise fit one of the other four categories)
5.  Nominations do not need to be based solely on a person’s impact in 2016.

The List will be published early in 2017.

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Selection Process

  • All nominations will be reviewed for eligibility and presented to a selection panel
  • The CAAWS selection panel will select the top four candidates per category to be recognized on the Most Influential Women List
  • An external panel will then vote on the top nominee per category for highlighting with a Most Influential Woman Award
  • All successful nominees will be notified in January via e-mail
  • The List will be published early in 2017.

Nominate an influential woman today!

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