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Fall Coaching Education

In the fall of 2016 Athletics Alberta will presenting two workshops for individuals interested in Speed, Power, Endurance, and Jumps Coaching.

Sport Coach is targeted at coaches who work with athletes 4 to 10 weeks a year and/or 2-3 sessions a week.  This course is for coaches who are introducing athletes to Athletics and Athletics competitions (regional and provincial).  Planning a practice is a key skill that is introduced in this workshop and coaches are exposed to all event groups through their training.

At Sport Coach, coaches are introduced to the events usually contested in the Junior High environment. At this time there is no para specific course being offered at the Sport Coach level, however coaches currently working with an athlete with a disability in this age/ability range are to attend the Sport Coach workshop as the coaching and technical concepts carry over regardless of whether the coach works within the Olympic or Paralympic context.

Club Coach is for coaches who are coaching 12-24 weeks a year and/or 3-5 sessions a week.  The athletes Club Coaches work with have a foundation in Athletics or come from a multisport environment.  The focus of this course is to prepare the coach to develop an athlete’s skills in one event group area.  Seasonal planning is a key skill that is introduced in this course.

In Alberta Club Coach, coaches select an event group to specialize in and are introduced to all facets of that event group. Coaches are able to complete as many event group specializations as they like, but they must the required additional workshops/seminars to complete their event specific Trained Status.

Coaches wanting to specialize in either wheelchair racing or throws are first required to attend a Club Coach workshop in either the throws, sprints or endurance event groups. Upon completion, they may then attend the one and a half day wheelchair specialisation workshop.