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Cast Your Vote 4 Athletics Alberta

Athletics Alberta has developed a project submission for the 2016 Aviva Community Fund.  With your help and support through the voting process we might be able to qualify for the final round.

Here’s where you all can help! Tell everyone and anyone about this idea and get them to go online and vote for Us! The more the votes the project recieves the better our chances are in becoming a finalist or being granted a GRAND PRIZE WINNER!

Voting couldn’t be easier. First, you have to register. Then next you have 18 votes to cast, and you can cast all 18 votes at any time during the Voting Round, or cast all 18 votes at once, or keep coming back to cast your votes. Once a vote is cast, it cannot be taken back.  All you need to do is click on the “Submit your votes” button on the any project you want to support. Spread your votes around or use them all to support one project.

Each registered participant has between October 11-28 to use their votes.

The 15 ideas that receive the most votes in each of the two funding levels (five from each idea category) including the top-ranked broker-supported idea will become a finalists.

What is the the Aviva Community Fund?

The Aviva Community Fund helps passionate people like you make positive change in their communities.

For seven years, we’ve been putting our money where our business is — investing in charitable community initiatives across Canada, protecting the people and things you love, supporting the causes you care about most, and strengthening your local community. To us, at Aviva, this is just good thinking. We’re so proud to have provided more than $6.5 million in project funding to date, and we can’t wait to donate another $1 million this year.