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Athletics Canada High Performance Coach Mentorship Program

Athletics Canada High Performance Coach Mentorship Program – High Performance Relay Camps

Program Overview

Athletics Canada is pleased to introduce its High Performance Coach Mentorship Program. The High Performance Coach Mentorship Program provides the opportunity for aspiring coaches to gain experience to be fully immersed in the daily training environment with top Canadian athletes, Athletics Canada Hub Staff and Integrated Support Teams during designated training camps and designated testing opportunities.

Each mentorship opportunity will be unique, connected to designated hub activities, generally training
camps and/or athlete evaluation camps. Athletics Canada endeavors to offer four to six opportunities
each year, with each opportunity will be open to up to 5 coaches based on an open application process,
subject to budget and team restriction. The specific number of mentorship opportunities and costs will
be communicated at the same time as application process for each opportunity.

Learning Plan

Once participation in the apprenticeship program has been confirmed, each coach will be required to
participate in a learning plan meeting. During the learning plan meeting the apprentice will identify
their learning objectives in participating in the apprenticeship program and develop a plan for how
he/she will meet these objectives over the course of the camp.

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