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Athletics Alberta Fieldhouses’

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You have an opportunity to make the development of Track and Field Fieldhouses a reality in the very near future. Everyone’s opinion is valid and needed – all Coaches of all levels, Athletes of all levels and expertise, Volunteers, Officials, AND Parents!

We need feedback in the survey to PROVE THE NEED FOR FACILITIES – without you showing the need (via the survey) for these facilities there is no future for facilities.

Currently, Edmonton is being proposed, but not the only one in the conversation. The construction of an indoor athletics facility in Edmonton, and other locations through out Alberta are very possible.

… But we NEED to hear your feedback on club needs/requirements, conditions of current indoor facilities, and proposed facility structure and design. Your feedback is crucial to the future of track and field in Alberta!

Please take a few minutes to view the photos of the proposed fieldhouse and fill out the survey to the left.

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