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2018 AB Euro Team


Athletics Alberta is excited to announce the continuation of the European Tour Team for 2018.


The team will fly out of either Calgary or Edmonton and will convene in Amsterdam, Netherlands and from there, the team will travel to and be based out of Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands. This town was the key component of the last tour team in 2018. The tour dates are: July 2nd to July 23rd, 2018.


The team goal is to bring a team of 15-20 athletes to Europe to expose athletes to a different brand of athletics and higher level of performance.


The age for participants competing at the 2018 Team Alberta European Tour, has been identified for able-bodied athletes and must not be younger than 18 as of July 2, 2018; with a valid passport.

  • To be considered for the 2018 Team Alberta European Tour, the athletes must be actively competing and preparing for high level performance.
  • Junior aged athletes must demonstrate a higher level of performance.

Registration and Fees:

Athletes wanting to be considered for the 2018 Team Alberta European Tour must complete a Team Alberta athlete declaration form and submit it as well as complete the Team Alberta registration by April 15, 2018. As this is a self-funded initiative, the fee for this event will be approximately $3750 depending on currency rates. The 1st team deposit is $1000 and must be presented with the declaration form.