Club Trial Membership

Try Athletics with a Trial Membership
(14 day LIMITED Membership, Non-Competitive, Must be with a Club)

Restrictions, rules, and regulations:

  • Trial Memberships are not permitted for competition sanctioned or unsanctioned.
  • All Trial memberships must be reported to Athletics Canada before the participant starts with the club. This is done via registration through “AthleticsReg”.
  • Trial membership is only valid for club training activities for 14 days. The 14 days start the date the membership is purchased.
  • Trial memberships are for clubs only, unattached members can not use trial memberships.
  • Trial memberships can only happen once for an individual, unless said individual has NOT been an AA member for more than 2 years.
  • Trial memberships are not permitted for members renewing annually.
  • School Clubs are not eligible for trial memberships.
  • Alberta Teams are not eligible for Trial Memberships.
  • Track Councils, and affiliate organizing committees are not eligible for two week trial memberships.
  • Trials Memberships are not permitted for use at Provincial Championships.

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