Learn about Run Jump Throw Wheel

Run Jump Throw Wheel ProgramRun Jump Throw Wheel (RJTW) is a national program developed by Athletics Canada that teaches fundamental movement skills and develops physical literacy. Using track and field inspired games, activities and skill challenges lead by instructors specifically trained to teach the fundamentals of running, jumping, throwing and wheeling (for children in wheelchairs).

Our goal is to provide a physical activity program that serves as a strong foundation for all sports. Run Jump Throw Wheel assists children in learning to move efficiently so that they grow into adults who are active, productive and healthy citizens.

Any teacher, sport club coach or community recreation leader is capable of delivering the basic Run Jump Throw Wheel program!

All activities are designed to teach fundamental movement skills using developmentally appropriate progressions to introduce and develop skills, with skill consolidation done through games and skill challenges.

In an initial 6-8 week program, these skills and concepts are introduced and are subsequently refined in more advanced sessions, working through a progression of 5 skill levels, taking two to four years to complete.

Starting technique – how to accelerate effectively and transition from a stopped positions to running

Posture & body position – Proper posture and body position to be able to run effectively

Arm & Leg Action – Proper positioning and timing or arm and leg movements

Hurdling – how to maintain effective running technique between obstacles and hurdle not jump over obstacles

Pacing – how to effectively maintain/mage pace over a distance

Relays – used as a fun way to engage participants in group activities and fun races while introducing basic concepts of how to transfer the baton effectively

Approach – how to effectively approach a jump so as to be able to take off effectively

Take-off –technique and body position to take-off for a jump

Flight – Controlling the body in the air to maximize height/distance

Landing – How to land safely and effectively absorb impact

Preparation – finding an appropriate position from which to initiate a throw

Building momentum – How to use your legs to help build momentum

Delivery – Proper sequencing and weight transfer to deliver maximum force and accuracy with a throw

Follow Through & Recovery – How to effectively complete throwing movement and weight transfer

For participants in wheelchairs, they will learn throwing techniques from a seated position, while learning proper wheeling technique and control in place of running and jumping. Where equipment permits, delivery partners are encouraged to include a wheelchair component for all participants.

Starting technique – how to accelerate effectively and transition from a stopped positions to running

Posture & body position – proper posture and body position in chair

Pushing – Proper pushing technique to move the chair forward effectively

Chair control and steering – How to effectively maintain balance and steer the chair, including navigation around obstacles

Stopping – How to stop effectively so as to avoid collisions

  • More than 100, 000 children participated last year – our goal is to increase this number to over 500,000 annually.
  • Nationally recognized by Canadian Sport for Life and a quality sport program and empirically validated to improve the physical literacy or participants.
  • Learning to run, jump, throw and wheel properly will provide children with the confidence, motivation, self-esteem and skills necessary to engage in a large number of sports – without these fundamental skills a large number of sporting options will be closed.
  • The program uses age define developmentally appropriate progressions and includes adaptations to allow for participation in an integrated manner for participants with all physical and intellectual disabilities.
  • Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel can be offered anywhere – in a gym, on a field or any other flat surface with minimal equipment. If you don’t have equipment, your can purchase a pre-packaged equipment bag directly from Athletics Canada.

Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel is delivered by recognised delivery partners across Canada.  Delivery partners commit to using instructors trained as part of the National Coach Certification Program and adhere to national standards for delivering the program using instructional tools and resources provided by Athletics Canada, while being empowered to customise the program to a local audience.

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